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Buddhist Monasteries are the center of both religious practice and educational study for large number of Nepali and Tibetan pupil. In monasteries, all across Nepal, the monks learn about Buddhism, Buddhist philosophies, logic and classical Tibetan Calligraphy as a priority in its curriculum. The monks are also taught modern reading and writing including Nepali and English, which is of growing importance in the wider world. The monasteries provide an opportunity to preserve and impart the precious Tibetan Heritage of quality and sacred monastic education of Buddha along with modern education. Monks and nunnery students at the monasteries are given the facilities of boarding, food, stationery, medicine, and opportunities to grow and other important needs apart from the education itself, free of cost. The students receive no financial contributions or subsidy from the Nepalese government; the education costs are met by voluntary donations.


As a volunteer at a Buddhist monastery, you will provide basic conversational English instruction to monks and nunnery students. Volunteers will be responsible for planning their own creative English lessons and activities, such as games, drawing and painting, and observe and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals. Working in partnership with Nepali teachers enables you to introduce new practical teaching methods to the classroom that can be carried on after your placement. Volunteers also have a chance to participate in some monastery run programs and meditation during free time. This program combines religious learning and research through volunteering.


Teaching English at Buddhist Monasteries in Nepal

Eligibility and Skills Required

A good command of oral and written English. Volunteers need to be independent, enthusiastic and adaptable, hard-working with an open-minded attitude. International volunteers are welcome.

During Major Buddhist Festivals and on the month of Tibetan Loshar, Monasteries are more engaged in Especial rituals n prayers thus, classes are not commenced on theses days

Social Activity

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