Other Volunteering

There are several other areas where Riddhi Nepal can  help in organise  and support other volunteering programs in collaboration with several local communities and organizations with the aim of sustainable community development through volunteers’ involvement.

1. Volunteering Health Program

2. Teachers’ Training Programs

3.  Women and Youth Empowerment / Development

4. Construction & Manual Work

5. Sports Coaching & Development

6. Environment Awareness & Participation Program

7. Nursing Internship

8. Create your own Projects:


1. Volunteering Health Program:

Nepal doesn't have enough skilled health manpower. The ratio of doctors to the population is lower than the WHO standard. So, the contribution of volunteers can make a big difference in communities of Nepal. Volunteers will participate in empowering local people, helping at health centers, providing primary health care, supporting rural health workers, preparing health reports and taking classes to empower schoolchildren depending on their placement. The Program includes medical practice in health centers under the guidance of a health supervisor. This program may also include organizing health camps as well as performing health awareness campaigns at local level.

Volunteer opportunities are available for:

Medical Internships:

If you looking to get firsthand experience in the sector of medical in Developing country, you should consider coming to Nepal and joining our medical internship programme to gain experience in a different medical context. You will gain valuable practical knowledge and experience in your field of work.

Rural Health Post Work: Diarrhea, coughs, eye problems, wounds, fevers, general aches and pain are main health problems of people living in rural areas of Nepal. As a volunteer you will assist local health staff   to provide basic medical services to rural people with basic medical equipment and medicine.

Working in Health Institutions

Most of the health institutions in rural areas in Nepal do not have trained and experienced medical personnel, instead relying on the services of untrained and inexperienced medical personnel. In this program, trained and experienced health volunteers will be assigned to sub-health posts, hospitals, and other health institutions, either being run by the government or a local community, in rural or urban settings. Placement of volunteers in these health institutions will increase the capacity of Nepali health workers to provide better medical facilities when doctors and experienced medical personnel are not available. Volunteers will work alongside doctors, nurses and other health workers, providing training to untrained and/or inexperienced personnel. Volunteers will be assisted by a Nepali translator, increasing the transfer of knowledge between the volunteer and Nepali health workers.

Organizing Health Camp

During their time working in a health institution, trained and experienced health volunteers will be deployed to work in health camps for between two and five days. Volunteers will work alongside their Nepali counterparts to examine patients, distribute medicine and consult with communities about sanitation and health care. Volunteers’ participation in health camps will raises local awareness of health and sanitation in rural communities.


Health and sanitation awareness

 In this program, volunteers will mainly be involved in working with the youth clubs, women’s groups, and other local organizations, teaching them about proper health and sanitation. In addition, volunteers will provide First-Aid information to the local people in rural villages, thereby providing them with a practical and sustainable life-skill. Volunteers will also give similar First Aid courses to children in government schools as well. The volunteers’ major role in this program is to educate and mobilize community groups who can then pass the information onto the community at large. This program is particularly suitable for medical students and volunteers with health training experience however we do accept other applicants, provided they have some experience in this area.

Riddhi Nepal encourages all interested & experienced medical and health personnel, including students, professionals, organizations, associations and other groups to join with us and make a lasting contribution towards supporting needy Nepali people.

Volunteers for program must be:

  • 18 years or older.
  • Have no major health problems
  • Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
  • Flexible, committed and adjustable

This program is only open for Medical Science Students/Professionals/ Health related Charity workers or Well trained/skilled/experienced on Health, Sanitation and personal hygiene sector.

Social Activity

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